Video as a Strategy

What is VaaS?

VaaS (Video as a Strategy) is our new service that provides unlimited visual content & ad creative for your brand and integrates it into an overall marketing strategy.

Why is this a big deal?

We've removed all the limits marketing agencies typically have in place. We essentially become partners with your brand with a singular goal of scaling your brand. We create whatever is needed for your success. Period.

Here's the key... We don't create this content just to make you look good (although that's a byproduct), we create it to:

1) Supercharge Your Branding

Seriously, we can't overstate how important branding is in this incredibly noisy marketing world we live in. People have to know your brand, love it, and search for it by name.

2) Create Marketing Campaigns that Actually Work

Your marketing needs to stand out. And there needs to be a strategy behind it. Every piece of content we create is purposely made to work at specific parts of your funnel - from cold to warm to hot traffic. Having the right content and ad at the right stage is the only way to create cost effective campaigns.

3) Generate Leads and Sales

And this is why we do everything we do. The right content with the right branding and marketing makes getting leads and sales so much easier. From the first moment we hit record on our video cameras to the first headline we write, everything leads to this.

How Far Could You Take Your Brand if There Were No Limits?

With VaaS, we essential become partners in your success. When there are no limits, we create and work as if it were our own brand. 

With VaaS you get all of the following:

  • Monthly video and photo content production
  • Monthly marketing campaign creation and management (currently Facebook and Instagram are our goto - but we use what's best for each company)
  • A branding assessment
  • A complete GoBig marketing strategy - not hit or miss marketing tactics
  • Low startup costs compared to one-off video production (one video could cost more than your unlimited monthly service)
  • A clear plan with accountability for producing clear and trackable marketing results.
  • Visual content isn't an ad-on at GBC.  It’s our passion and it shows. Average content just doesn't work anymore.
  • Strategy and content created specifically for your brand and market. Nothing we do is cookie cutter.

The future is VaaS. Bold statement? We think so...

Consistently produced video content - more than any other marketing tool - has the potential to transform your business and revenue.