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What is VaaS and Why Do I Need It?

Brands need a video marketing strategy - this isn't something new. What IS new is how incredibly important video has become on every platform and channel. Consistently produced video content - more than any other marketing tool - has the potential to transform your business and revenue.

How has video as a marketing channel changed over the last few years?

In 2016 the popularity of video as a content marketing format skyrocketed.

In 2017 the use of video rose to the top of brands marketing tactics list.

2018 saw the transformation of video from a simple marketing tactic to an entire business strategy.

2019:  Video is no longer a marketing option. The question is how will you use it to maximize your return on investment and to position your company over your competitors.

If you’ve used video in the past, it was likely a one-off video here and there with focus on expensive production and little analysis or results to show for it.

Video as a Strategy is a completely different ballgame. It’s produced by all teams (ours and yours) in a conversational, actionable, and measurable way. Your customers overwhelmingly prefer video in interactions with your company (from learning about your brand to sales to support) and we help you implement video as a core function of your business.

In a nutshell, here’s what we do. We create beautiful brand videos for you, but instead of a focus on big expensive productions, we create simpler more consistent content. At the same time we help implement the type of raw, real, and immediate video that has become so essential to any brand. This includes things like testimonial videos, behind the scenes, and raw video of new products or services.

We developed VaaS to be the single most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Most important to us was providing a service that would give our clients a low risk, cash flow positive marketing service.

With Video as a Service you get all of the following:

  • A complete GoBig marketing strategy - not hit or miss marketing tactics
  • Low startup costs compared to a one time video production that can be very costly and provide smaller marketing gains.
  • A clear plan with accountability for producing clear and trackable marketing results.
  • VaaS integrates video with your ads, youtube search, organic social media, targeted stories, etc.  It’s not left to you to figure it all out or implement it.
  • Low monthly fee that keeps your creative budget cash flow positive.
  • Visual content isn't an ad-on at GBC.  It’s our passion and it shows. Average content just doesn't work anymore in 2019.
  • A creative plan and creative content that's designed specifically for your brand. Nothing we do is cookie cutter.
  • VaaS primary power is consistency.  It’s cheaper in the short run and way more cost effective in the long run.


GBC is your in-house marketing department.  From Video Production to Digital Ads to SEO, we provide multiple services for one low monthly fee that is normally less than the cost of one employee.

Consistently produced video content - more than any other marketing tool - has the potential to transform your business and revenue.