We deliver game-changing mobile optimized video, ad creative, and influencer content for brands who are ready to grow and scale.

Simple, fast, and cost effective - starting at $600.

These are example packages to give you an idea of pricing. We can always customize the service and price to fit your needs.

VaaS Package

Video as a Strategy

Done for you social media video ads + ad management

Unlimited video & photography (based on ad needs) to create an arsenal of social media marketing ads. The on-the-fly ability to create new ads in response to campaign performance is game changing. 

Our entire visual marketing toolkit is at your campaign's disposal to ensure we move the needle for your business.

Also includes everything in the Social Media Marketing package.

$2900 + 10% ad spend over $3000

Social Media Marketing

Monthy Ad Creation & Management


  • Up to 3 Campaings Running on up to 2 Networks
  • Ad Copy
  • Video & Photo Editing of Existing Assets
  • Monthly Reporting

$1500 mo + 10% of ad spend over $3000

Visual Marketing

Brand Film

Film production for brands. Includes:

  • Preproduction planning
  • Scriptwriting & location scouting
  • Talent screening & set prep
  • Music & hi-end post production

$5k - $10k

Promo Package

A promo film or brand story for your business or event plus a library of marketing content. Includes:

  • 1-3 minute video
  • (4) 15-second social media videos or ad creatives
  • (50+) photos


Social Media Video Ads

If you're not running social media video ads you're leaving money on the table. Filmed to natively fit the TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook formats. These can be unboxing videos, demostration videos, products gifs etc... Quick and efficient production so you can test and scale multiple ads and products.


  • Filming of your product or editing of your existing assets
  • Mobile first optimization
  • 7-day turnaround time or less


Influencer Packages

We manage an influencer network to put your products in front of engaged fans with quality user-generated video.

The UGC can be used in your own social media and marketing campaigns, all previewed and certified by us before it goes live to ensure brand voice and quality.

We do the legwork and you enjoy the new followers, fans, and sales.

Various packages depending on the influencer's following.

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If you don't see specifically what you're needing, just reach out and ask. If it involves video, photography, building your ecommerce website, or marketing and branding your business, we can do it.