Okay, by this point you guys should already know why video marketing is important for your marketing strategy, if not then you should read our other article explaining why you should include video into your digital marketing strategy.

So now, we’ll be talking about the best video marketing practices that will help you hit your objectives and ensure your marketing success.

1. Grab Their Attention in the first 10 seconds

The first 10 seconds of your video is the most crucial part – in this short span of time, the customer decides if they want to keep watching or move on, so you need to pique their interest. In that first 10 seconds, you should be able to answer the question “why should I watch this?” and once you’ve got them on the hook, you just need to achieve their expectations.

2. Focus Around the Story, Not The Sale

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We’ve all encountered an annoying salesman that’s trying a little too hard to make us buy whatever it is they’re selling, which puts us off entirely. Video ads that are focusing too much on the hard-sell can be annoying, which can even repel potential customers.

Your video content should be focused around the story and not on the sale. Focus on making content that is entertaining, captivating, and provides value for your target audience. If you want, you can still put a strategically placed call to action at the end of the video or in the description and put a tracked URL, just make sure to do it tastefully.

3. Make Informative and Educational Content

It’s easier to understand something if there are visuals so with that in mind, you can make video content with the aim of educating your target audience. You can make explainer-videos that explain a product or service and provide some useful tips on how to use it properly.

You can also create a webinar, which you can use to impart some of your knowledge about your specific industry, establish your brand as a thought leader, and of course gain some leads in the process.

4. Optimize for Search

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Even if you’ve made the greatest video of all time, it won’t matter if it doesn’t reach your target audience. To make sure that your videos are easily found in search engines, you should first upload it to your own website before even thinking about uploading it to any sharing sites or social media platforms.

Make sure to enable embedding on all of your videos, since this increases the chance of receiving inbound marketing links, and never forget to submit a video sitemap – this allows Google to better understand the video. We don’t need to tell you that descriptions are crucial to your search engine rankings, so your videos should always be tagged with relevant keywords, fully explained descriptions, and unique titles.


As we all know, video is taking the online world by storm and we’ve all heard statics like: “in 2017 video marketing accounted for 69% of all consumer traffic”, “landing pages that have video content tend to have 800% higher conversion rates as compared to those without”, and that “the number of video ads designed for mobile users will become 5x more than ads for desktops”… well, they’re all true.

Video marketing has a lot of benefits you just need to know how to use it. We at GoBig Creative specialize in producing high-quality video content that can help transform your business. GoBig or Go Home!