Behind every catchphrase, slogan, or headline there lies a narrative about how an entity started. It often goes way back to formative years, to the point when the groundwork was unsuspectingly being laid.

A long time ago, in another century…

Our founder and CEO of GoBig Creative, Bryce Johnson, looks like the archotype for the outdoor hippie. Relaxed and soft-spoken, he started out working as a soundmixer for big-budget commercials in California.

This was back in the day when corporations hired big-name directors for their commercials, which came with equally big budgets.

Dozens of people worked on a commerical: writing, set design, lighting, videography, sound editing, actors… all of these creatives coming together to create.

In the back, absorbing all of it was Bryce. He learned about more than just sound mixing while on set, and after developing a taste for the technology behind visual creation (ie all the equipment for photography and videography) he found himself working in fashion photography. His inate ability to capture a story visually began to shine through.

He and a friend decided to start an eCommerce fashion brand using his skills, and since he was now a small business owner, he found he needed to outsource his marketing campaigns.

Skip ahead to disappointment.

Bryce spent a lot of marketing dollars without seeing much growth. The highly-recommended marketing firm he had hired just wasn’t getting the results he wanted.

He also learned he wasn’t alone. Many of the companies that hired him to create brand videos also reported that while the video was great, it just wasn’t getting the kind of response. He wondered how he could help these businesses while also helping his own.

At about this time, Bryce went for a mountain bike ride here in beautiful Utah. Little did he know how fateful this ride would be.

A bad spill landed him in the hospital with a surprising number of fractures to his spine and face. A few days later he was sent home in body and neck braces, and told to hold still for the next few months.

Don’t move for three months.

As any small business owner knows, there is no way an entrepreneur can ever really stay still for very long.

As a student at heart, Bryce decided that he would use this time to learn everything he could about why the marketing had failed, and how to do it himself.

He jokes now that he got the equivalent of a Masters degree in Facebook and Instagram advertising in that time.

Immersed in everything ‘Digital Marketing,’ Bryce learned about everything, from the basics of branding and storytelling in marketing to how to run successful, effecient paid ad campaigns.

Creating audiences, setting pixels, targeting and retargeting, ad copy, and the always-crucial ad creative.

While his bones stitched back together, Bryce formed a cohesive knowledge of how to create scrolling-stopping ads and how to get audiences to take action.

And thus GoBig Creative was born.

At the heart of our work is the visual creative. The artistry of creating photos and videos to truly define and elevate our client’s brands is in our DNA.

Digital marketing with Facebook and Instagram, both highly visual platforms, are our canvas.

This is how GoBig Creative developed our holistic marketing approach, dedicated to increasing brand recognition and revenue while making every marketing dollar count.

GoBig is an agency dedicated to brand marketing by people who understand it at both the artistic and strategic levels.

This is our origin story.