For business, hiring a professional videographer is more than just finding someone who can hold a camera and press record. It’s about working with someone that understands how marketing works, so that when they create your visual content, they are crafting something they know you can use effectively in your marketing efforts.

4 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Videographer for Visual Content

  • Image licensing is not an issue.
  • Professionals have experience and equipment.
  • Visual content is very specific to your marketing message.
  • Visual content reflects your brand personality.
4 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Videographer for Visual Content

Not all professional videographers are equal. Each one brings their own experience and artistic eye to a project. For example, there are those that specialize in weddings. Capturing that special day, and editing it together in just the right way is a skillset. They are making a keepsake, and the story they tell is about recording memories.

There are those videographers that are excellent at creating training videos, or documentary-type content. And there are those that understand comic timing and create videos that aim to entertain.

The point is that every project has a specific goal, and getting a professional who truly understands your needs means having a much better result.

4 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Videographer for Visual Content

Image licensing is not an issue.

This is an important issue for any business. Stock images not only can be boring, irrelevant or over-used, they can also have licensing terms that you must comply with. Failing to follow the terms means opening your business up to potential litigation.

Instead of running that risk, get a library of visual content that is entirely your own. Use it anywhere, without worry that the model hasn’t signed a release, or that the music isn’t permitted.

Plus, a library of your own visuals means you can repurpose whenever the need arises. Want to make a quick status post for your business on social media? You already have pictures and videos you can use without needing to research the licensing first.

A library of your own visual content

Work faster, with less worry.

Professionals have experience and equipment.

It doesn’t take much to hold a smartphone up and record a video or take some pictures. Some of the cameras in smartphones are pretty sophisticated.

That doesn’t mean that the visuals are really good enough to represent your brand in the online and marketing space.

This is especially important if your business offers services or products with a high price-point. Your potential clients are making decisions based on what they see, and how that makes them feel.

A professional videographer will arrive prepared with lighting equipment to ensure excellent conditions. They will also understand what to do if the environment is noisy, and have the microphones needed to capture voice or music that you need.

Example: Here are three photos:

Experience and Equipment matter

The first is taken in a properly lit studio, with proper equipment by something with training and experience.

The second image is in an office with a high-end camera by someone with no experience.

The third is taken by a cell phone by someone with a lot of experience.

The takeaway: experience AND equipment matter to the end result. Don’t settle for someone with less experience just because they have a really nice camera. Don’t cut corners when it comes to getting the best marketing visual material.

You want content that looks both fantastic and professional, which will influence the potential buyers who are considering your product or service.

A professional will also understand that you need this content for marketing. With that goal in mind, they will know what kind of b-roll they need to film, what angles to capture, and how to display your product or service to make it look fantastic.

Behind the Scenes with GoBig Creative

Imagine your relief when someone else already knows what needs to be done, and you don’t have to have it all figured out yourself. Of course, your input will be invaluable, and the videographer will certainly ask you questions so they can create the right narrative. However, it’s one less very important thing you don’t have to worry about. Any business owner will appreciate that.

Visual content is very specific to your message.

Marketing is more targeted now than it ever was. Once upon a time, businesses could only take a shotgun-approach to marketing. They knew roughly where their audience spent time and would put their ad there. Think about a 30 second commerical on prime time television 40 years ago, newspaper ads, and billboards. A lot of marketing in front of people who weren’t the target audience, and therefore expensive.

old school advertising methods

With the advent of the internet, there is an unprecedented amount of data about users. These days, platforms like Google and Facebook aim to deliver just the content that a person would likely want to see, and very little of what they don’t. After all, it’s in Google’s best interest to show the best search results. Facebook wants users to have a good experience, so it figures out what ads you would most likely care about.

This means that as a business your marketing can be cheaper because it’s delivered only to a targeted audience, and engagement increases the overall effectiveness.

The catch is that the ad needs to be crafted to fit the audience who will view it. You can’t throw something generic at a targeted audience. It will get low engagement, and your return on investment (ROI) will drop dramatically.

As a business owner, you don’t have money to waste in the marketing department. Every dollar needs to be spent carefully so that it brings in leads and conversions that create revenue.

The solution is that your ad creative (the visual part of your ad) is made for the audience. Your engagement increases, your click-through-rate is stellar and you pay less because your content matches exactly what is being advertised.

Hiring a Marketing Videographer for Visual Content: A Case Study.

Example: Aurelia Sky is a jewelry brand. Instead of putting together an ad that simply says, “Buy Our Jewelry” with some stock images of what they carry, they got a video creative that featured a specific piece of jewelry. A dreamcatcher bracelet, in this example:

Facebook video ad creative

Then that ad was delivered to people who care about jewelry and dreamcatchers, which is a very small audience so the ad spend was relatively low.

The video creative was made for that audience in mind.

The result was that on the third ad click, they made a sale. Ultimately, the campaign had a 7% click-through-rate, which is fantastic.

The takeaway: get a videographer that understands marketing, so they can create ad creatives that will catch the eye and push your audience to buy.

Visual content reflects your brand personality.

A business doesn’t need just any visual content. If that were the case, stock footage and photos would be sufficient.

Branding is what lets you stand out in a crowd of competitors. Branding is what draws consumers in, and turns clients into raving fans. Branding is making your business memorable enough for someone to remember when they need whatever it is you offer.

So, it follows that your marketing content needs to reflect your brand. For instance, if your brand is funny and light-hearted, a video that displays shadows with deep, slow-paced music is really not going to play well to your audience. The people you want to buy will not feel compelled to do so.

Remember the old adage, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover?” Well, no one really takes that advice when they are tooling around the internet.

Your potential buyers ARE judging. And they are judging very quickly. Stunning visual content will instantly give them a favorable impression. While your audience is scrolling through their feeds, perfect photos and videos will stop their thumbs and persuade them to engage further, if only to see more of your content.

Your marketing visuals deserve to be just as great as the product or service you offer.

4 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Videographer for Visual Content

We all know that it takes several interactions with most buyers before they actually make a purchase. In marketing, we need to make every one of those interactions memorable and inviting. Using just text, or pairing text with bland images will not make a great impression.

The key thing to remember is you want to hire someone who specializes in marketing content. Videographers that do weddings, documentaries, or portrait photography aren’t likely to give your brand what it needs.

Working with a marketing videographer, you’ll get material that captures brand personality, broadcasts the right message for conversions, and is yours to use over and over again without worrying about copyright.

The upfront cost of hiring a professional is vastly outweighed by the numerous powerful benefits your business gets in return.

Have you hired a content creation professional for your visuals? What was your experience? Tell us in the comments!

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