Videos are a powerful marketing tool, with many different types and in order to use it efficiently, you need to understand how each works. Every type of marketing video has its own specific function and choosing one would depend on the goal of your marketing campaign.

1. Brand Videos

GoBig Creative LogoBrand videos are usually part of a larger advertising campaign with the focus of spreading brand awareness and attract their target audience, showcasing their story, vision, mission, product, or services.

2. Demo Videos

These types of marketing videos are used to showcase how your product or service works so potential customers can gain a better understanding. Demo videos can be focused on how it can be used, its benefits, or testing its features. You can offer someone to become a brand ambassador and create a product review videos in exchange for free products – brand ambassadors with a large social following is a very effective marketing strategy since they have influence over their followers.

3. Event Videos

Event marketing videos are used to spread awareness for an upcoming event such as a fundraiser, conference, round table discussion, or any other type of event. You can use footage like interviews or a presentation from the event.People watching a concert

4. Educational or How-To Videos

Educational or how-to marketing videos are instructional videos that are used to educate your target audience, for them to gain a better understanding of your business, products or services, or different aspects of your industry. Your company’s sales and services team can use these videos when they interact with clients.

5. Explainer Videos

Explainer marketing videos are used to explain a product or service, provide instructions, and to help your audience understand why they would benefit from it. Typically, explainer videos are focused on the customer’s point of view, and a problem that they are experiencing, which your product or service can solve.

6. Expert Interviews

These types of marketing videos can help you gain more trust with your target audience, by using footage of interviews with leading experts or anyone that has a lot of influence and authority in your industry.Two men facing each other on a table

7. Animated Videos

These types of videos are a great way to explain a hard-to-grasp concept since you will be able to use strong visuals to demonstrate an abstract concept that would otherwise be hard to explain through simple text.

8. Case Study and Customer Testimonial Videos

These videos provide feedback from past customers that have already used your product or service, in order to prove to potential clients that your product or service can solve their specific problem. Ask your past clients to describe their problems and how you were able to help them.

9. Live Videos

Man in front of cameraYou can live video stream interviews, events, or presentations, so your audience would be able to comment if they have any questions giving you the opportunity to immediately answer. Statics have shown that these types of videos have higher engagement rates, and viewers tend to spend 8 times longer on live video streams as opposed to pre-recorded videos.

10. Personalized Messages

Use a personalized video message to respond to your follower’s comments or concern and give them a personalized recommendation, which can build trust and make them feel that you truly care about how they feel.


In order to fully utilize video content into your marketing strategy, you would need a good understanding of each type of marketing videos and their intended purpose. Once you’ve decided on the goal of your video marketing campaign, it’s time to produce high-quality video content, and that’s where we come in. We’re here to help show the world just how awesome you really are. GoBig or Go home!